Plan for Interview Preparation

In case you are looking for career change or you want to keep yourself updated, this micro post could be useful for you. This post will not guide you on what to wear during interview, what to bring to interview venue, how to follow up, research on organization blah blah.

Sole idea behind this post is to provide you an excel template to organize your interview preparation plan. This excel template consists of different skills along with starting, current and target levels and it automatically generates radar chart in excel.

To take benefit from this template, first you understand the target role and its required skills and fill the template with these skills. During preparation keep sheets related to skills and also keep updating the current level. Below are few benefits which you would get using this template.

  • Clear organized preparation plan
  • List of all the required skills at single place, this will help you to focus.
  • Know your current level corresponding to target skills
  • Maintain your knowledge base, you would be able to re-brush your skills quickly in future.

Below is the template link.

Interview Preparation Plan Template