Design Patterns

There are plenty of great tutorials and web resources available where you can get details about GoF (Gang of Four) design patterns. But after going through all the design patterns do you really able to preserve knowledge in your brain? Assuming that you find yourself in that category of people who studied design patterns from great resources but find difficulty to remember the patterns, this series of blogs will help you to understand and remember the patterns.

How does this series of blogs help?

It’s simple; we will not discuss the design patterns in much detailed fashion. So our approach to understand the patterns is comparison based. At a time, we will pick two or three design patterns which look similar and then we will try to understand the differences. This will help you to understand and retain knowledge on design patterns for longer duration.


  • Design Patterns provide you leverage to apply existing solution to your problem.
  • If you know the design patterns, by just looking any problem you will get an idea that a particular solution (design pattern) can solve your problem, but first you should know the design patterns.
  • Design patterns give you a common vocabulary to design your solution, it is same as you learn different words first and then you use the words to express any situation.
  • For expressing yourself during any conversation you need not to know all the words of a language, same way to design any solution you need not to now all the patterns but it would be nice to know more design patterns to make your solution great (flexible, maintainable, scalable, robust etc)

Here we go.

Singleton class Vs static class

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